Designing decentralized extended intelligent spam filters

Tim Reutemann
3 min readNov 21, 2018


Abstract: What should AI powered spam filter bots on social media look like?

A problem frequently reported on social media is online harrassment. While there are worse forms of harrassment (esp. doxing), I use the term “online harassement” for the part exlusively on social media platform infrastructure. If any user has problems with online harassment, this is a malfunction of the spam filter.

Based on the tools usually used by people reporting harassment, individual blocking, blocklists and mention-blocks are insufficient to withstand a coordinated attack form thousands of accounts.

In the Liquid Rising plot, the Bahijathu hires a Oma Morkie to a fake persona and evoke hate (called “Doxfishing”). The fake persona is extremely well hidden, but was created leaving behind a trail of breadcrums (ala Qanon).
She continues with a crowd funding exit scam, which is then used to buy decentraland tokens. She publishes the keys a few months later, sharded over the 2000 people who made it into their asylum. It’s now theirs to keep, and they have all equal votes. John being one of them.

The defense bot of the fake persona is the alpha version of a bot called Sirvi... Next, Sirvi is used by John to block Antifa in his timeline. Sirvi improves over the period of the novel and is integrated with other software. Some fragments of it are now acting as part of the prioritization system in most modern OSs…

Bahis next creation is Karl-Heinz himself.

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These are the mortal remaints of an older Version of this text. Ignore.

llow me to use a recently suggested metaphor in this article: Twitter is a game, and our task is to take out Nazi-NPCs. So let’s assume all Nazis on Twitter are clever bots who the game designer placed there. Puzzels, programmed in a Memetic Languague so to speak.(1)

Note: Memes aren’t just pictures with text — although these are excellent vectors for the transmission of memetic infections. Meme’s easily available on social media also include videos, books, articles, coversational interfaces and games. I will treat Nazi Ideology as an infections memeplex and assume that the infection can be prevented/cured by memetic vaccinations/cures. (2)

A historic example of such a vacination from my personal post-war Germany education were frequent and mandatory visits to Holocaust museums and dozens of antifascist historic films, books and poems. (3)

While a good starting point, that vaccination was build prior to the internet and thus naturally can be improved with modern technology.

Maybe a more rational away of approaching the “Debate with Nazis” problem would be to run Antifa-Bots to systematically gather data on the exact memetic structure of NPC reactions. An initial starting set to learn from could be extracted from the timeline of Antifa Twitter, survior interviews (4) and research into the scene (5).

Let me give you an example of the type of talking points such a bot could contain: I just had a German Internet savvy friend explain to me how the educational ideology of Nazi Minister Rust is closely resembles that of Jordan Petersons… I didn’t even remember that there was such a guy, but vaguely recall a film about the Hitler Youth (6) and that memory clearly has a JP ring to it. While I don’t believe that a flat-out Nazi comparision could work, maybe bringing up a “Rust or Peterson - whose quote is it” game might convince at least 1% or so of his followers. [7] While not a pacancea, it could be incorporated in Antifa chatbots and offered to all JP followes for free…

To improve such a bot with machine learning, the outcome behavior of such a vaccination attempt needs to be rated in order for reinforcement learning to kick in… Not sure how that should be done, probably by human interpretors. Trivial criteria such“who had the last word” or “who blocked first” should be avoided though, as those are too easily gamed by counter-bots.



(3) (check out humanityinaction by the way, they are great)



(6) (And yes, somebody should put a pirated version online asap)

[7] (in German — 1999 my dad’s favorite newspaper brought out a quiz, where you had to guess if it was a quote from the leader of the Austrian neofaschist party or Hitler)



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