Great analysis, thanks! The key forward is to not have a “Government” of the type you are describing. That is a government controlled by a few (one) individuals elected (or not) to the top with intransparent (paper-based) technology. Only when elections are reversible within a few milliseconds, there is a chance for government accountability. Further, only when each and every public sector decision is immediately published for all to see.
But we still need a government to coordinate our actions. To quote a part from my novel that I found too theoretical and removed while editing:

The social smart contract of Afrin features five core tenets: Universal suffrage, differentiated delegation, instant reversibility, radical transparency and free localization.
The first one, universal suffrage means that every public decision is taken by direct democratic vote, including everyday minor management decisions. This leads to the second principle, differentiated delegation — in order to make direct democratic decisions on everything public, voters can delegate their vote and these delegations can be differentiated according to topics or tags.
Third, delegations can be instantly reversed at any time. Also, decisions arrived at by delegation can be reversed for a limited period of time before going into effect, with the length of the time period depending on the weight of the decision.
And fourth, the entire process runs under radical transparency, which means the every document and transaction involved in the decision process is publicly visible.
Last, within Afrin, individuals can freely travel and relocate between jurisdictions.
Those five principles were agreed upon at the 2033 Afrin summit, together with a set of technical standards to ensure interoperationability, most prominently the TrueName system. From there, the various parties created a dense network of bilateral deals on trade and other cross-border issues. The final clause of the Afrin treaty is recursive and creates a mechanism to change the treaty itself, namely the global political forum called Form of Government.

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