You left out a few relevant facts… His followers kept sending more and more messages, not accepting her ignoring them as a “no”.

Ben accepts money from “The Young America’s Foundation”… Koch Brothers, De Vos family etc.) And AOC has a vow going to never sell her attention to the highest bidder, that’s the whole point of being a justice democrat. It was a trap to smear her for accepting dirty money and selling her attention. She actually HAS to ignore the offer.

Also, 10k to her campaign would have been illegal.

For all I care she could have gone way lower and call the guy harassing her on Twitter for having a spine and sticking to her vows a 8Chan Cave Troll high on Lizard People cash…

#LiquidReign is out! #liquiddemocracy #esports #latestagecapitalism #anarchism #mixedreality

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